Inspired by my travels whilst living in North Africa and Europe, I have relocated back to the United States where I intend to chase my dream; sharing my creations with others. Each place influenced my designs to create distinctive hand painted pieces including glassware, vases, decorative ornaments and lanterns. Through the years, I have designed and gone on to creat many hand painted pieces for people and know that my work is gracing many homes. Most recently I have begun painting hummingbird feeders and have gotten an overwhelming response.

Creating is my passion and I hope you enjoy knowing that each item purchased is unique to the last stroke of my brush. Each of my pieces is carefully hand painted giving meticulous attention to detail. The craftsmanship and time spent on creating each piece of glassware reflects on each finished piece. Layer upon layer of paint results in a distinctive item.

All of my creations are hand painted with a special high quality non-toxic enamel paint and heat treated for long lasting durability. I recommend only hand washing with a mild detergent and warm water with a nonabrasive sponge to preserve the paint. Treat your glassware like fine china and it will last for many years, the colors will stay bright and long lasting.

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